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Lumbini Photo Exhibition in New York

Jan 27, 2014; New York, USA:A photo exhibition of Lumbini on the theme of nature, culture, history, archaeology and peace was held in New York, USA. According to Mr. Ang Gyalzen Sherpa, the Chairman of United Sherpa Community, the photos were exhibited to make Americans and America based Nepalese aware of spirituality, culture and history of Lumbini, the holy birthplace of the Buddha and other Buddhist sites in its peripherals.


According to the Sherpa Community, more than 500 people had visited the exhibition. Mr. Pundari Aryal, a Nepali citizen said that the exhibition had been successful in promoting Buddhist sites of Nepal. Majority of visitors had appreciated the exhibition and had expressed their desire to visit Lumbini in future.


Mr. Pant had felicitated Chairman Gyalzen, Mr. Chandra Kharel, Mr. Kamal Biswakarma, Dr. Lee and Mr. Diamin by offering token of love who had contributed much for the success of the event.

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